Sunday, December 23, 2007

A New Life . . . So Much Promise

Often when I look at my kids, I think about all the opportunity that lies ahead of them. They start with a clean slate. Their young, new lives hold so much promise. I suppose that's why I always think it's heartbreaking when I hear about the loss of a young life. It's sad to think of all the life they had yet to live . . . so many things left undone. Every day I pray to God that I never have to live through the loss of one of my own. I cannot imagine how devastating this must be.
Anyway . . . the loss of a child . . . that's NOT what this blog is supposed to be about, but it's a thought I had as I was composing this post.
I wanted to post about my 3 little ones and my predictions of what I think they might do with their lives. Maybe in 20 years they'll look back at this post (if they look at it at all) and wonder how I knew or laugh at how wrong I was. Either way, it's still kind of fun to speculate.
Tonight, I was watching Jameson play with his Legos, and some time in the last few months I have noticed his play and concentration has developed a bit. He's very focused and methodical when he plans to put something together. Tonight, he was "building a tower" as he told me - " a big one". He laid out all his Lego pieces on the floor and sorted them by size and color. He then proceeded to build several towers with pieces of like colors and sizes. Then, he put those smaller towers together to make larger towers. Every time his towers would fall over he would get very frustrated, but he kept trying.
I see the artistic inclination in him that he gets from his dad, and I wonder if he'll be an architect. He loves to ask us to "build horks" (forts), and he likes to sort and line things up like his dad.
She is full of attitude and not afraid to speak her mind. No, she's not talking yet, but I swear she is screaming (not just crying) and doing a lot of it. She is short on patience and wants what she wants. She is an impatient nurser, and she makes faces when we give her formula. She even spits it out sometimes. She cries or screams through most diaper changes. If I'm up late at night for several hours, I'm probably tending to her. It's early to make predictions for the twins, but I could definitely see her becoming a litigator or an entrepreneur. She likes to have things her way, and she's willing to fight for it.
Nothing phases Truman. He is going to be my calm, laid-back baby. He's content to just sit in his crib. He cries when he's hungry, but he'll wait if I carry him. He often sleeps through his diaper changes. He loves it when I wash his hair. He's happy if I nurse him, but he'll take the formula just the same. His demeanor in itself is calming to be around him. He reminds me of some of the better professors I remember having in college.
Who knows what they'll do, but I hope they're NOT the next Hugh Heffner. We'll leave that one to their cuz.