Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Roof Came Alive by Jameson

I have so many posts that have only really made it to draft form (15 to be exact) and for one reason or another I see them later and I am compelled to post them. I love this one inspired by a story from Jameson.

The Roof Came Alive by Jameson

Once there was a little boy who had a tiny little brother, and all his little brother liked to do was suck on his hands. So the little boy was very lonely and he wanted a friend. The mouse magician knew the little boy wanted a friend, so he did some magic one day and the roof came alive! Now the little boy had a friend.
(originally drafted 1/20/2010)

He told this story shortly after Darwin was born when he was too little to do much but suck on his hands. It was one of those stories that kids come up with on the fly, but I love the "mouse magician" he pulled out of nowhere. I laughed as I re-read it, and I thought at least James would get a kick out of it.

Thank You, Massachusetts!

I believe in checks and balances, and a super majority is super sucky! That's all I have to say tonight. Well, not really, but this is a family blog.

On a far more important subject, say a prayer for the Haiti earthquake victims, and consider yourself blessed.