Friday, December 5, 2014

Jameson 1, Bully 0

Every parent has a slightly different take on all the responsibilities of raising children. For James and me, we think part of our job is finding a balance between raising children that are kind and compassionate but also know how to defend themselves.  The story Jameson came home to share with us put me at ease a bit that at least he's going to stick up for himself.

Jameson loves to read, and he is often reading while waiting in the car rider line.  On this particular day, he found himself a comfy place on a bench and began reading.  Here is the story as relayed by Jameson:

Jameson [minding his own business sitting on a bench]

Bully [stares down at Jameson waiting for him to move]: Get out of my seat.

Jameson: No, I was here first.  You can't just tell me to move because you're bigger.

Bully [speechless, likely not sure how to respond to confident 1st grader he can't push around]

The bully walks away and doesn't bother Jameson again.

Yup - that's it.  Nothing major, no major battle just a 1st grade version of "don't f@$k with me, kid".  That's my little guy.  Keep sticking up for the little guys, Jameson!

This post was originally written when Jameson was in 1st grade and never posted it.  I finally had the urge to blog again, and he's a big 3rd grader now.  Hopefully, he's still looking out for the little guys.