Friday, October 8, 2010

What the Kids Are Saying

(originally drafted 7/27/2010 and revised 10/8/2010)

Every day James and I laugh about something one of the kids said. Here's some of my recent favorites.

"What the mess?" - Amelia's favorite expression of surprise

"What the, what the, what the" - Truman's version

"Ba, if you want to see your babies more, then only go to the casino at night" - Jameson's words of advice to my mom

"No, no, no" - Darwin's late night complaint when he doesn't get his way

"Brefticks" - Jameson's word for 'breakfast'

"Hoolie - go to work" - Amelia's warm way of saying 'good-bye' when I leave for work.

"You got to turn off the vireless?" - Truman's austrian pronunciation of "wireless"

"milk and honey and cheerios and blananas" - Truman's all-time favorite food

"blputer" - Truman's new favorite diversion, the computer

"Pongebob Quarepants" - Amelia's favorite cartoon

"Let me have the puzzle phone." - Truman's name for the iPhone

"Anybody help me!" - Truman's way of declaring that he needs help

"auntdat" - Darwin's way of telling you he wants something

I could go on here, but if I do, I'll never get this posted. I'm already way behind on my posting, so no sense in delaying it any more.