Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bad Day

Today, I was a bad mother . . . well, not really today, but yesterday. It was just a bad enough day that I didn't get to post about it.

After a long hiatus from blogging, I decided that if I didn't get a post up already, I might as well just quit altogether.

We're going on two weeks now with at least 1 or more sick babies. I'm not sure if they're picking up different viruses or if the course of this one is just really long. Jameson keeps pulling out mile long boogers (I know, TMI) despite my efforts to stop him. Nonetheless, I think we're on the tailend of it.

Ordinarily, my mother comes out during the day to help me keep my sanity and make sure at least JJ's needs are met. Well, as luck would have it, she got sick too. As much as I would have liked her to come out anyway, I told her to stay home until she was totally healthy. Today, I paid for it.

The morning started out innocently enough with JJ and mom curled up watching some cartoons. I had gotten up earlier to feed the babies, so they slept until 10:30. Then, all hell broke loose. Truman woke up crying, and I thought I would feed him and he'd likely go back to sleep. I fed him, but he didn't go back to sleep. At this point, I needed to get JJ some breakfast, so I set Truman in his swing to make JJ some eggs and oatmeal. Breakfast was the usual struggle with Jameson, but Truman cried in the background the whole time.

After I finished with Jameson, I tried feeding Truman again, but I could tell I was out of milk. Instead, I made him a bottle. He refused it even though he was hungry. I was starving at this point, and I knew I would not have any milk unless I ate. I made myself breakfast, and, again, Truman cried all the way through my breakfast.

I thought since he had a chance to get pretty hungry, he would take some formula. Wrong again. He still refused it, and continued to cry. Now, Amelia wakes up and wants to eat. So, again, I set Truman down to feed Amelia, and he continues crying. She fusses most of the way through her meal (as usual), but seems happy by the time she is finished. I set her down to try to deal with Truman. I feed him some more, and he finally falls asleep. I breathe a sigh of relief, and take a moment to change JJ.

No sooner do I get JJ cleaned up, then Truman is crying again. I try some formula again, but he continues to refuse it. So I bite the bullet, and just let him sit there and nurse as much as he can. He is content for a short while and dozes off to sleep again. In all this commotion, JJ asks me, "Can I get something to eat?" (no joke - those were his exact words) . I apologize to him, and tell him I am doing my best but Truman is not really cooperating today. I set Truman down expecting him to start crying shortly. He does, but I continue with JJ's lunch.

It's about 1 pm at this point when I finish Jameson's lunch, and I sit down with him to make sure he eats. Truman continues crying in the background. We are finished by about 1:30, and I return to Truman. I try a bottle again, but he still refuses. I nurse him as much as I can, but I haven't eaten much so I have not produced much milk. While feeding Truman, I decide I want the doctor to look at JJ's eye since he has been picking at it since he's been sick. I was worried about pink eye or some type of infection, so I wanted to say on top of it. They give me an appointment at 4.

I called James at work, and told him to come home as soon as possible because I have an appointment for JJ, and Truman has spent the entire day crying. Somehow he understands that I need him home by 3:30 pm. I continue to struggle with a fussy Truman, a tired JJ, and a hungry Amelia. James gets to the house at about 3:25, and I run upstairs to change out of my PJ's sadly enough. JJ and I rush to get ready and head out the door.

I have a few moments of peace from 3:30 until 5:30, when we return home. James feels bad about the stressful day I've had and sends me to the bookstore with Jameson to get away. Yet, I'm tired, so an outting to the bookstore was not really in my plans. I need to fill JJ's prescription, so I decide to go to Target, and see if he forgets about the bookstore. (JJ likes to go to Barnes & Noble because in the Kids' section they have a Thomas the Train trainset that all the kids like).

We get to Target, and I take his prescription to the counter. She tells me it will be ready in 10 minutes, but I didn't give it much thought since I figured I would just pick it up once we finished. JJ and I go on to look at the toys and anything else we can to pass the time. By the time I decide we're ready to go, I head back to the pharmacy window to pick up the prescription. However, it's closed at this point. I was pretty ticked, but I guess I only had myself to blame. I didn't realize they closed the pharmacy before the rest of the store.

We headed back home and get home to find that dinner's not ready. We settle on hot dogs and mac-n-cheese (not the healthiest choice, but definitely one of the quickest). I don't care at all at this point and just eat whatever is in front of me. The night cannot end soon enough.

JJ eats. I feed the babies, who continued fussing on and off. James takes JJ to shower, then I take him up to hang out for a while. I passed out at some point, and James took care of everything else. Thank God! I needed it. It doesn't sound like much, but listening to babies cry ALL DAY LONG makes for a pretty stressful day.

I was short on hands, time, and patience. I hope my children forgive me.