Friday, November 16, 2007

My Belly Fell Off Today

Well, not really, but it sure looks like it could. My belly is hanging so far out from my body and so far down that it really looks like it could just fall off. Every time I get up now I need to take a couple of minutes because it's painful to stand up and let my body adjust to carrying around the weight of my belly.

We had another ultrasound yesterday (no pictures this time), and the babies are both almost 5 lbs. I am sensing that these babies may be born some time in the next week. I woke up feeling a bit crampy, but I've been through that before. We'll see how the day progresses.

I cannot imagine the relief I will feel once these babies are born. Thinking back to my pregnancy with Jameson, I remember feeling a bit uncomfortable toward the end, but this time I am somewhat in disbelief. I know have to pick up my belly with my hands every time I roll over in bed because it feels like my skin might tear if I don't help support the weight.

Just a quick note this time since I think this may be my last blog before the babies are born. It seems I might have Thanksgiving babies after all. If I can't, James will keep you posted.


Chatter said...

Congratulations on your new babies!! Can't wait to see pictures and their names. Congrats :)

love, Aunt Chandra

Kirst said...