Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm a Stinker

This is one of Jameson's favorite things to say.  He picked it up from watching Bugs Bunny, so he has a good idea what it means.  He loves to push my buttons and everybody else's.

It's no wonder he is the way he is.  He gets it from me.  Sometimes I do it on purpose (I know - not nice), but sometimes it's almost like instinct.  I get it from my grandfather.  My mom and my aunts often tell me how my grandfather is the most difficult and exasperating person they know.  It's funny, but they all share pieces of his personality.  I think it's just always easier to say, "He's difficult".  He is, but they aren't exactly shrinking violets.  If you know my mother, you know what I mean.

By now, you may be wondering, 'why would I care?'.  You don't.  This post is for the benefit of my husband.  This is his Father's Day gift - just a little insight into what I thought he already knew about me.  Maybe he did and he forgot.  Here's a refresher, James, on Julie 101.

I am a very passionate person about anything that is important to me.  I know sometimes the  things I get worked up about seem dumb to you, but they have significance to me.  Sometimes the reasons I do things are so convoluted, I don't have the patience to explain them.  Just trust me that if I'm really in support of something, I have my reasons.

I am not laid back.  That's your job, and you're good at it.  One of us has to be.  If not, we'd probably be calling 911 for diaper rash.  One of us must persevere, and one of us must know when to quit.

Yet, I am certain despite all my nagging and ranting, you admire those things in me that you sometimes you wish were in you.  For me, the same is true (minus the nagging & ranting part).  Sometimes, I wish I were laid back, and I didn't get so frustrated with the madness of the 3 under 3 household.  Alas, I am who I am.  Each day I try to better myself, but at some point, "my little stinker" will just light a fire under me.

If one of us is the dreamer, then the other must be the doer.  When I am the blind believer, you are the pragmatic.  It seems so appropriate now that we had twins, who incidentally, are polar opposites.  I see us in them, and despite their differences, they still enjoy each other's company.

Happy Father's Day!   

You didn't really think I would be on-time, did you?


James said...

Calling 911 for diaper rash? That's absurd. No one would ever do that. Or would they???

Ward and June said...

We might.

Chatter said...

Conner has been saying that a lot too. Along with "I'm just kidding".

Charity Donovan said...

You have a beautiful family! You both crack me up! I have a feeling that over a bottle of wine we could have a great many laughs! If you are ever in St Louis you guys better look us up!