Friday, September 12, 2008

Live Within Your Means

I think if everyone lived within their means. . .
. . . no one would default on their mortgage
. . . no one would have bad credit
. . . no one would need a government bail-out
. . . no one would vote for Barack Obama (cool your jets Obamaites - j/k)
. . . no one would listen to Clark Howard
. . . and no one would walk out their backdoor and fall into their pool?

Unfortunately, this poor fool is our neighbor. Getting a pool to dress up your ugly, cheap house probably sounded like a really good idea . . . at first.


James said...

This pool is RIGHT outside his back door. And it's the WHOLE backyard.

He's not living beyond his means... he just didn't want to have to cut the grass anymore. Cheers to forward thinking!

stacey said...

Is this the same neighbor who let his dog run loose and may have caused some flat tires?

Hoolie said...

Interestingly, no. That's my other neighbor. This is my neighbor that likes to have loud parties and blares his music loud enough for us to hear the bass with our windows closed.