Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Fun

I love the Fall - the weather, the colors, the trees, the memories . . . 

Here's some of our memories from this fall that seems to be racing into winter.

Don't call us outdoorsy or anything, but here we are on our now annual walk at Caesar's Creek.

Truman gets a tooth . . . finally

The twins enjoying some time on the swings with Grandma after mom's birthday breakfast.

Jameson feeds the ducks for the first time.

Amelia having a ball here on the swings.

Here we are at the neighborhood pumpkin patch letting Jameson pick out his pumpkin.

James takes his pumpkin carving very seriously.

One of Jameson's favorite things to do is pretend he's "the dada".  Here he is with my dad, and Jameson is treating him like his kid.  He's told him here that he needs to go to swimming lessons and is demonstrating proper kicking technique.  My dad is always happy to play along.

Here is my dad holding his nose, as Jameson has instructed, while he pretends to go underwater.

I'm not sure what the shirt is for on his head, but Jameson did make sure "his kid" had the proper swim attire.  Notice the swim trucks on my dad's feet.

The escape artist here showing off her skills.

I'm not sure what set him off, but for a few weeks, Jameson was obsessed with the idea of "hatching babies".  I think he thought all new babies "hatched" because he would run around pretending he had just hatched a little baby JJ.  Here he is using Halloween candy bowls to pretend he is "in his egg".


Chatter said...

The kids are getting SO big. That's funny your dad humors Jameson and that he "went to swim lessons". Too cute.

Jim said...

The royal with cheese....I love his imagination.