Monday, January 26, 2009

Healthy For the Moment

I feel like I've been on a nursing sick kids to healthy marathon.  Thankfully, they are all better, for the moment, at least.  Seriously, what a pain!!!  In four days, Jameson had almost an entire container of Children's Motrin.  I'm not one to medicate quickly, but 24/7 fever is unbearable.  It's really strange too how when he's running a fever, he seems to have stronger responses to his dreams.  Anyone else seen this in their kids?  If I sat outside his room when his fever was returning, I could hear all the nonsensical things he was saying.  It was cute, but I felt bad for him.

Truman kicked off this virus round with 4 nights of the worst sleep I have ever gotten.  I think on the last night, we just gave up and let me scream his head off for a couple of hours.  This is not normally our style, but we were both deliriously tired.  I was cursing everything in mind and sight a couple of those nights.

Amelia was, as usual, our good sleeper despite her fever.  She got the least amount of Motrin and did the least amount of complaining.  I guess that just goes to show you that men are wimps when it comes to illness.  Then again, I didn't need my daughter as evidence to confirm that men are the weaker sex.  Sorry, guys, you have your strengths, but toughing it out is not one of them.

I am now cringing at the thought of sending Jameson to the virus cesspool that is daycare tomorrow.  He doesn't go every day, but I know every day that he goes is another day he is likely to pick something up from some other snot-nosed 3 year old.  Well, wish us luck that the rest of the cold and flu season is, at least, tolerable.

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