Saturday, June 20, 2009

Endangered Insanity

No, insanity is not endangered, but sometimes I think common sense is. I rarely post anything political on my blog, but I heard about this issue and I could not help myself.

I graduated college with a degree in Environmental Geography, so I heard a lot about endangered species and environmental issues back in the day. Interestingly so, I came out of school as less of an environmentalist than I went in. I think at some point, I just took a step back and really began to think critically about these issues.

I am not against protecting endangered species when it's within reason, but the reality is that something like 99% of all species that have ever existed have gone extinct. I think bigger picture here is way more important than giving a minnow a few more years on the 'saved for now, but going extinct later' list.


Trike said...

I've been to the Joaquin Valley, to the very place they're talking about.

Politics and environmentalism aside, it's always struck me as crazy that they grow so much food there.

Outside of a very narrow area along the rivers, that place is a desert. Turn off the spigot and everything dies.

Kirst said...

Very valid point.