Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Joys (and lesser joys) of Pregnancy

It's been some time since my last post, and although I always have JJ stories, I think it's time to pay some attention to the other two kids. I'm somewhere in the middle of week 21, and next week we have an ultrasound scheduled. Apparently, ultrasounds for "high-risk" pregnancies (as all multiple births are considered) are more detailed than those for low-risk pregnancies. In our upcoming scan, they are supposed to check all major organ systems and do the usual 20-week ultrasound stuff. I'm just excited to see the babies again and see how they are growing. I always worry a bit since I am not the pillar of pregnancy health.

I don't do prenatal vitamins (I think they just tax my kidneys). I take children's chewables. I drink caffeine. I am certain I must overeat. I don't avoid everything under the sun like many books and websites will tell you. I do my research and do what feels right to me. I try to make sure I get my fruits, vegetables, and proteins, and I try not to overexert myself. I do wish I would exercise more, but I am bad at doing things in moderation. All things considered, I am probably like many pregnant women who are trying to have a healthy pregnancy but find it difficult to change their lifestyles in one fell swoop. Seeing the babies on the ultrasound hopefully will help to reassure me that I'm at least doing some things right.

I'm beginning to feel the babies' movements more and more, and they are starting to get stronger. I always like the feeling of being completely distracted by something and all of a sudden feeling a little baby kick. It reminds me that I have 2 little people inside of me. I'm sure all pregnant women know what I'm talking about, but having 2 adds another dimension. The patterns of movement are definitely different. If my memory serves me at all, I believe the technician at our last ultrasound told me that the boy was up higher and the girl was down lower in the uterus. It's kind of neat to know that because now when I feel movement, I tend to associate with a specific baby. We still haven't named them, but we probably will not settle on names until after they are born. I believe in meeting this new little person before we give them a name.

Physically, not much has changed for me. Obviously, I am bigger, but my level of comfort has not changed much. I have my good days and my bad ones, but I try to focus on the babies which seems to make the bad days a bit easier. Sleeping was a challenge over the last few nights since my carpal tunnel seemed to flare up, but I think it's starting to improve. If I can make it to a healthy 36 or 37 weeks, I will be happy.

Not much else to report at this point, but once I locate the most recent ultrasound pictures, I will post those along with our pictures from next week. At least if I post them, I won't worry about it when I'm not sure where I put them a few months down the road. For now, the babies (and their momma) need their sleep.

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