Saturday, August 25, 2007

Read at your own risk

I need to vent, so I mean it when I say "Read at your own risk".

I was reading some news today when I should have been napping, and I came across this story.

I was pretty angry and saddened after reading it. Some people really should not be allowed to be parents. Obviously, I don't know the reasons why this woman left her baby in the car for 8 hours, but I don't care. There simply is no good reason to leave your baby in the car in 100 degree weather. I hate the thought of thinking what this poor baby's last hours of life were like.

An appropriate story that illustrates how "We Don't Choose", and how sad it really is sometimes. This woman is an excellent example of why some children are just better off with someone else other than their birth parents. I feel guilty when I lose my temper with Jameson, but I would protect him with my life. This woman was obviously too consumed by other unimportant concerns that she didn't realize her baby was going to die in that car. . . or maybe she did realize that - even worse.

Sometimes life really is just cruel and unfair. Why bring a life into this world if you are not going to care for it? I just don't understand it.


Chatter said...

Not the best way to start my Sunday. That is sooooo sad Julie. I am speechless.

Chatter said...

I was thinking about this woman this morning and talking it over with Amber. I really don't think this woman had any intention of doing this and I have to say I feel nothing but sadness for her. As a mother I have a hard time believing ANY mother would intentionally harm their child. It's hard to say what was going through her mind but she has endured a pain greater than we will ever be able to imagine.