Thursday, August 23, 2007


I'm working on my 6th post, and I have yet to tell anyone other than those who found out through others that I have been blogging. I'm really bad at this whole communication thing - especially right now. Pregnancy can be a great excuse for being lazy! Seriously, I think I've been afraid to tell my family for fear they might read it and pressure me to blog more often or find I've written something that offends or embarrasses them. Maybe this will be the week I tell them.

Jameson had another rough night last night, but his dad bore the brunt of it. To make a long story short, he got completely out of his nighttime routine (see James's blog for the full story), and went to bed without a bath or a bedtime snack. I warned James that he would probably wake up and be hungry, and he said he would take care of it if he did. Sure enough, at around 2:30, Jameson wakes up and James can't get him back to sleep. I get up and go downstairs to get him some cereal. He eats a few bites and then throws a tantrum because he wants to play with James's email. He's tired, hungry, and 2, so everything he's not allowed to do is a crisis. After a series of angry grunts and groans, James takes him downstairs to feed him and calm him down.

Ordinarily, I would help, but the stress and lack of sleep is making me sore so I go lay down instead. Thank God for "Dad" because I am not much help these days at night. From what I am told though, Jameson finally went back to sleep at around 4:30, and I don't remember another thing until waking up today at 9.

Everyday is a new challenge with JJ. These last few weeks he's been really into hiding or "escondid" ("esconder" is "to hide" in Spanish) as he calls it. He's likes to wrap himself up in the curtains and yell for you to come find him. Usually he's too anxious to stay hidden, and just comes out screaming and laughing once you start looking for him. Once he gets into something, his energy is incessant. When he wants your attention or he wants you to do something, he knows that if he repeats it over and over you will eventually get annoyed and oblige. I am a bit frightened of where this road will lead.

He is growing up to be quite the chatter box. I think he is only quiet during the day while he is sleeping or eating. He is opinionated, and he is already bossing around other kids - younger and older. We were at Cracker Barrel yesterday waiting on a carry out order. I took him over to the toys section to keep him entertained while we waited. A little girl that appeared to be around 7 or 8 years old was playing with a toy that apparently JJ wanted. He told her "No, nena" ("Nena" means "little girl") and batted at the toy. I told him he could play with something else, but he seemed determined that the little girl should not be playing with that toy. He is obviously not shy, but I am not yet convinced whether that is a good or bad thing.

The days pass so quickly that it often makes me sad to think I can never get those past moments back. I remember what I can, but I know so many precious moments have passed that I may not remember years from now. I will be content if I live long enough to watch my children grow up and start their own families.

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Chatter said...

He is much more confrontational than Conner. Conner would just check out everyone and if someone stole his toy he would move on to the next. It's hilarious how different those two are. Hope the sleep over the weekend is in abundance and you both are rested. Conner has been waking up before seven every morning. YUCK. Guess I'd better get sleep.