Thursday, October 4, 2007

I've been tagged by Chandra from Chatter's Chatter. I'm sitting here in bed timing contractions, so it seemed like a good way to pass the time.

Four Things About ME

Jobs I've Had

1. Vice President of Finance (current - for the last 5 years)

2. Soccer coach (several, but all the same stuff)

3. Human Resources Coordinator

4. Administrative Assistant at a school while in Madrid

Places I've Lived

1. Born & raised in Dayton, OH (still here & happy)

2. Hamilton, New York (upstate New York home of Colgate University)

3. Madrid, Spain (college semester abroad)

4. That's it . . . I'm pretty boring

Food I love

1. Ice cream & Cake

2. Real Whipped Cream

3. Authentic Mexican Tacos

4. Fruit (I've gotta like something that's good for me)

Websites I visit

1. Colgate Women's Soccer

2. Lakota Women's Soccer

3. Yahoo! News


Places I'd rather be

1. pretty sad, huh . . .




Movies I love

1. Princess Bride

2. I Love You to Death

3. Better Off Dead

4. When Harry Met Sally (yeah, I'm a sucker for romantic comedy)

TV Shows I Watch

1. The Office

2. Big Love

3. Little People, Big World

4. Dr. G: Medical Examiner

Friends I'm tagging

1. Tiffany (only friend I know with a blog - besides Chandra, who tagged me)

2. I'll update if I every tell my friends and/or family how/where to find my blog



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