Friday, November 9, 2007

Bedrest Continues

Sunday will be 34 weeks . . . getting closer but 36 weeks cannot come soon enough. I'll work on having James post a picture on one of our blogs some time this week. My belly is about to start dragging on the ground. It looks almost fake. I'm a bit frightened about how it's going to look once these babies are out.

I can't wait to feel more like myself instead of being bed-ridden. I think JJ will be happy to have his mom back. He enjoys hanging out in bed with me and going to to see Dora, Diego, Max & Ruby, and all the other cartoon characters he likes to watch. I miss just picking him up and playing with him like I used to. James keeps reminding me that I am so close, but the days just seem to drag on.

It's hard to believe we are 2 to 3 weeks away from suddenly becoming a family of 5. I am 1 of 3, so I will soon have as many children as my mother. I know my mom is expecting the twins to be my last, but we will see. If pregnancy were an easy thing, I could see myself having 6 or more kids. I know adoption is always an option, but after reading about Chandra's journey, that doesn't sound so simple either. For now, I'm going to focus on raising my first 3 and re-evaluate how sane we are once the twins are a year old or so.

Whatever may be in the cards, I feel blessed to have the 1 we have and be expecting the next two. Ultimately, I would be thrilled to have happy, healthy children that James and I live to watch grow up.


Chatter said...

Hang in there Julie! You are almost there. I know it means nothing to hear that though. Good luck these last couple weeks. Enjoy lying in bed snuggling w/JJ while you have the time :)

Kirst said...

Omg, how exciting, I didn't realize how far along you were. I hope everything goes well for you and James! :)