Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Neighbor Is Crazy!

I had a flat tire about 2 weeks ago.  Both of my parents' cars had flat tires within a week of each other.  Hannah (James's sister who was here helping while James was out of town) had a flat tire just a couple of days ago.  My mom suspected my neighbor was responsible after both of their cars came up with flats.  I didn't think much of it until Hannah strangely got a flat that seemed to coincide with the days she was at the house.  Okay - now I'm fairly certain it's my neighbor, so that just confirms my original suspicion that he's crazy.

It all started several months ago.  My mom and aunt had been over visiting and helping with the kids.  They were preparing to leave, so they walked out the door to start loading their car.  I was upstairs with a twin (can't recall which one) feeding him/her.  Jameson was downstairs with James's mom while my family prepared to leave.  I heard my mom yell for James's mom as she opened the door, and the adrenaline shot through my body.  I figured something happened to Jameson, so I darted down the stairs (baby in hand) to see what had happened.  I see my mom on the ground kicking at a dog who is pulling at her pants trying to get through the front door.  I recognize the dog as my neighbor's fat, lazy bulldog.  I run up to it, kick it out the door, and grab it by the collar.  My neighbor comes running up just then and take his dog back in his house.

After I find out that Jameson, my mom, and everyone else is okay, I see my neighbor outside cleaning his car.  I ask him, "How did he get over here?".  He replies in an aggravated tone, "He was outside with me.  I was washing the car."  I take a moment to wonder what he was doing while his dog left his side, headed toward my house, and attacked my mom - and I still beat him to the scene.  He must have sensed that I was mocking him in my head because then he said, "Look, I don't wanna talk about.  It won't happen again."  I respond, "Okay, I just wanted to make sure because my two-year-old is out here."  I sense his aggravation escalating, and he says, "Your dog is always running over here, and you never do anything."  I think 'This is true, but we haven't had dogs for more than 6 months'.  I tell him he's right, but that is also one of the reasons we did not keep our dogs.  He does not like that I have shot a hole in his argument.  He gives me a dirty look, an annoyed grumble, and returns to whatever he was doing - cleaning his car as he claimed.

We have not spoken or waved to each other since that day.  I will continue to lose no sleep over this issue, but we may lose a few more tires.

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Charity Donovan said...

Oh man! I can so relate. As a kid we grew up next to a crazy neighbor. Not fun! We are actually house-shopping right now & this story makes me want to go interview the neighbors before making any offers! lol! Hang in there!